Doctors Economic Research Association History

The Doctors Economic Research Association was created in 2008 as a post-Great Recession gathering place and a forum for productive doctors of all ages to gain access to special design, New Economic Order economic education programs.  In 2009 the Doctors Economic Research Project was retained to determine the feasibility of the association objectives by conducting extensive interviews with doctors of different ages, economic status, and education levels to determine their need for New Economic Order education programs, and their interest in learning ways to manage the protection of their earnings and assets from catastrophic losses, to manage the conversion of their surplus earnings to savings and guaranteed life income, and to manage the conversion of their surplus savings to perpetually multiplying endowment funding for family members and/or for 501 (c) 3 non-profit organizations that supported values that were important to them, to their families, and to society.

Findings of this research identified a great need for economic education and for planning programs to provide catastrophic loss and asset protection management, earnings management, savings management, and endowment creation planning to productive doctors.   Five classes of association membership were developed to provide planning to the various doctors’ demographic groups that were identified by the research.  Diagnostic “Loss Test” questionnaires were developed to qualify doctors for their appropriate membership class, and order forms were developed to explain the benefits of each membership class and facilitate the membership enrollment process. 

In 2010 ASK Consulting, LLC was retained by the association to provide third party administration of association memberships and to provide research and development services for association members.  During the next few years planning models were developed by the Doctors Economic Research Project for use in the economic education programs for association members that communicated proven, evidence-based planning principles and rules through graphic planning models.  In 2014 PlanGen, a VT based information technology company was retained to develop personalized savings accumulation plans for association members that quantified the economic education program planning models in doctors’ personal financial circumstances. These personalized written plans utilized current lifestyle costs to determine compensation and retirement savings goals and included retirement plan design and funding levels based upon surplus annual earnings of association members who qualified for participation in the Highly Productive Individuals Planning Program.

The Association continues the research and development of additional planning programs for productive doctors. In 2017 the Association contracted with the New Economic Order Planning Program to provide financial consultants to assist association members with their planning needs. New Economic Order Planning Program Financial/Endowment Consultants are being recruited and trained to support the association strategic plan to recruit and provide membership services to 17,750 Association members by the end of 2024.